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Weight Control with Hypnotherapy

Fed up of dieting and thinking about food?

Fed up of boring exercise and trying to get motivated to do it?

Tried everything to keep the weight off and nothing works?

I appreciate that weight management can be difficult. Unlike a habit such as smoking cigarettes which you can give up, you need to keep eating food. I know that it can seem hard to only eat the right amount of appropriate food to maintain a healthy weight

At MindMakeover I will help you get back in control of your eating habits and effectively manage your weight

Control weight hypnotherapy

If you have tried dieting then you know that effective weight control is not achievable with a quick fix solution. You become overweight when you consume too much in relation to how much you burn off by activity. We will discover together how this is happening, address any root cause issues, and plan how to tackle it for lasting results, removing any negative eating habits that derail you, helping you to become the slimmer, fitter person you can be

In order to effectively manage your weight, you may need to significantly change your lifestyle and eating habits. I offer a 6 session weight management programme which helps you:

You are encouraged to change your behaviour around food and your attitudes towards eating and activity, helping you to effectively manage your weight, become fitter and slimmer and stop worrying about what you eat. You will be given free resources to help you stay relaxed and focused throughout the programme

At MindMakeover Hypnotherapy I don’t subscribe to hypnotic gastric banding techniques despite it being commercially lucrative for hypnotherapists. Why not? What’s the point when I can give you the power to control your weight permanently and healthily by helping you to consume only what you need, choose healthier foods and feel motivated to burn more calories by being more active. This puts you in control rather than at the mercy of an invisible gastric band imposed by a hypnotherapist