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Hypnotherapy, EMDR, BWRT in York and Yorkshire

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I wonder which benefits you will experience first?

Therapy at MindMakeover

At MindMakeover I draw on a comprehensive range of psychological techniques and psychotherapeutic approaches to help you tackle whatever is troubling you

My work is tailored to you as an individual and focused on what you realistically want to achieve

This may include hypnotherapy, BWRT, EMDR, NLP, mindfulness, counselling, CBT, and coaching techniques

I describe myself as a personal development specialist because I help you to  become the person you really want to be

We work together in partnership to achieve your goals. I am the expert on therapy but you are the expert on you

Together we can make a winning team and get great results!

MindMakeover toolbox

My therapy toolbox contains a wide variety of tools and techniques to help you. As a private therapist I have the freedom to choose a methodology that suits you, rather than trying to make you fit a particular therapy style

Perhaps hypnotherapy is not for you?

That’s fine as I am trained in plenty of alternatives

Perhaps you’d like to try something new?

That’s great as I can offer modern effective techniques like EMDR

Perhaps you need a quick result?

That’s often not a problem - let’s assess whether a fast technique like BWRT is suitable for you

Find out more about these different types of therapy in the Therapy Menu