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Hypnotherapy for Stress

Feeling tense?

Feeling stressed?

Is everything getting too much for you to cope with?

Stress is the word most people use to describe how the demands of life are getting too much to cope with

MindMakeover Hypnotherapy can help you

Hypnotherapy stress

Stress is your body’s natural reaction to a challenging event or situation. Biologically the body is readying itself to either stand and fight the threat or to get out of the situation quickly – both of which require a physical response

When you are stressed you will experience physical symptoms which may include headaches, muscle tension, stomach pains, sweating, feeling dizzy, breathlessness, or even palpitations. Stress also impacts on your emotions and you may feel irritable, anxious, apathetic or in a low mood. This all affects behaviour and you may find yourself having outbursts of temper, drinking or smoking too much, being forgetful or clumsy, rushing around or withdrawing from your usual activities or finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep

Most of us suffer from stress at some time in our lives and will experience some of these short-term symptoms. For some people stress is ongoing and these symptoms persist and worsen as the body adapts to cope with them. This can damage the body as it doesn’t have the chance to recover and return to normal, so long term stress has a serious negative impact on health

At MindMakeover I work with both individual clients and corporate groups to manage and overcome stress. Most businesses realise that a happy workforce is a more productive workforce and welcome the opportunity to help employees overcome stress. I can provide group sessions for relaxation and stress management or work with you on an individual basis

Many people today lead stressful lives trying to balance the competing demands of work and family or illness and caring for others. I can help you to understand how stress is created and maintained in your life and train you to deal with stressful events in a manageable way.

I can also help with medical complaints where stress has been diagnosed as a contributing factor such as hypertension and IBS irritable bowel syndrome.

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