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Would you like to be more assertive?

Do you want to feel relaxed and confident in social situations?

Got to speak in public but feel too embarrassed or nervous?

Want to improve your performance?

Lack of confidence and low self-esteem are very common problems

At MindMakeover I can help you

Hypnotherapy confidence

My personal development techniques can help you find ways of boosting your confidence and improving your self-esteem. I can help you to feel more confident on the inside so it can show on the outside. I will help you discover how to strengthen your self-esteem so you can begin to enjoy your life without the nagging self-doubt and worry about what other people think of you, how you look or whether you did or said the right things

I will help you to learn how to value yourself and realise that you are unique and special. You can learn to be more assertive to get what you want, feeling, behaving and speaking more confidently. You can stop worrying and over-analysing all the time. I will show you how to stop any limiting behaviour so you can feel comfortable in social groups, or feel confident speaking at meetings or giving presentations. You can overcome shyness or learn how to cope with redness and flushing, jelly legs, palpitations or other nervous physical symptoms.

Let me help you to be the person others admire as a relaxed, confident and assertive individual. As a youngster I was extremely shy but I eventually managed to overcome my fears and develop enough confidence to win prizes for public speaking. I have many years experience presenting at conferences and workshops across Europe, delivering training courses and have extensive media training for TV and radio work. I draw on this experience alongside my hypnotherapy skills and psychological knowledge to help you

I will help you overcome the symptoms of feeling self-conscious, nervous or embarrassed with other people. You won’t have to worry any more about that important date, meeting, presentation, wedding or retirement speech, interview or exam, about maintaining healthy relationships or mixing with unfamiliar people. At MindMakeover I can also help you to improve your performance. If you need help to improve performance or relationships at work, improve your golf swing or other sports techniques, or even overcome sexual nervousness, I can help you to fulfil your potential.

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