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Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, but do you feel your anxiety is out of control and limiting your life?  

1 in 10 people suffer with a phobia. Would you like to be free of it?

MindMakeover can help you

Hypnotherapy anxiety

Therapy can give you valuable tools for helping you alleviate feelings of anxiety. You can learn how to feel comfortable and calm whenever you need to and rid yourself of old patterns of behaviour that are not serving you well

Do you suffer with anxiety or panic attacks? Perhaps you are fearful of an upcoming event such as giving a wedding speech, doing a presentation at work or having to Chair a meeting? Maybe you have a driving test, interview or exam coming up or you are taking part in a competition and your fear is getting in the way of you doing well? Perhaps a fear of flying is ruining your holidays? Perhaps erectile dysfunction is spoiling your relationship? Perhaps you are anxious all the time and it is seriously affecting your quality of life? It doesn’t have to be like this!

MindMakeover can help you

Much of what you do relies on your ‘autopilot’ as a natural way to cope with the myriad of thoughts and tasks you have to deal with in everyday life. Without this automatic processing you would have to do everything from scratch each time, consciously focusing on each detail. Learning to drive, learning a musical instrument, riding a bike or even simple tasks like preparing a meal or tying shoelaces are all eventually done on autopilot - well rehearsed ways of thinking and behaving that become automatic when you have done them lots of times. This makes life easier as it demands less of your precious attention. Your thoughts, feelings and behaviour can all be running on autopilot

However, this natural way of coping with the demands of life can work against what you want as your needs and desires change over time. Ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that you learned in the past can stop being appropriate. Despite trying to change the way you act, think and feel about things you can seem locked into old habits, old ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that no longer serve a useful purpose and work against what you want to achieve. You can become pre-occupied with the past, focusing on guilt or regrets - or the future, worrying about what may happen, and miss out on living your life to the full in the here and now – the present. Perhaps an irrational fear or phobia limits your life, stuck in a way of coping that was learned in the past? Many different phobias create such problems - fear of flying, public places, birds, spiders, dentists, needles, vomiting, or even social situations

To others, your feelings may be hard to understand and even seem silly - but to you the sufferer they are very real. Hypnotherapy, EMDR and BWRT techniques are fast and effective tools for helping you to free yourself. I can work effectively with any issue which has a psychological or behavioural base. As everyone is different,  I will tailor my approach to suit you and will discuss with you which techniques will be most appropriate

You can read more about anxiety here: www.yorkmindmakeover.wordpress.com