Hypnotherapy, EMDR and positive psychology in York

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Hypnotherapy in York

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Hypnotherapy in Acomb, York, Yorkshire, and now also in Copenhagen, Denmark




Hypnotherapy in York

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Now in Acomb, York

New location in Copenhagen, Denmark


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to MindMakeover Hypnotherapy in York

MindMakeover Hypnotherapy was founded by Susan Tibbett, a Chartered Psychologist and Personal Development Specialist. I aim to make a positive difference to your life, helping you to overcome issues that affect your personal well-being and happiness. I tailor my approach to suit you - drawing on a range of effective psychological techniques and psychotherapeutic approaches


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live your life free from stress, anxiety or depression?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel fit and healthy, managing your weight for life?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to live your life to the full, free from fear or a phobia?

Wouldn’t it be marvellous to feel confident and positive about your future?

Wouldn’t it be great to kick an old habit that damages your health and finances?

These are just a few things that MindMakeover Hypnotherapy can help you achieve

Ready to change? It’s easy to contact me using my quick contact page

Find out more information about my approach, your therapist, Hypnotherapy, EMDR, issues I can help with, appointments, testimonials and what to expect by following these links. Any questions about hypnotherapy or other therapeutic techniques? To help you decide that I am the right therapist for you I can email you further information and I offer a free telephone consultation. I’m always happy to chat to anyone seeking  help

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